How to delete folder from storage?

I want to delete folder from storage which may or may not contain files. Is there any way?
I haven’t found any options in File component.
Please help!
Thanks in advance.

first delete all the files in that folder, then delete the folder
see also

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There are hundreds of file in the folder with different names. Its not easy way.
Please any other methods will help me.

Then you should to use any extension.

Which extension is suitable? I didn’t find any of them.

Maybe you can use Shell component and execute a command to remove a directory.

Use FileTools : Get some tools to work with files


Next thing you know, they’re going around running this gem:

rm -rf /*

P.S. A “.” before the “/” would turn it into a useful command, albeit risky. All it takes is one small mistake.

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get a list of all the files, the file extension can help you with this
then use a for each in list loop to delete them one by one



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