How to detect and remove text if contain the textbox?

If there is same text in the text box should remove from the textbox
For example:

#train #song #news #tent #treat #triger #play #stain

So let’s say this is written in the text box and when I am adding more text

For example:
desert,drain,King,treat,play,pond,pony, water,well,cross,train

Now there are text that are same and I want them to be removed leaving the unique one.

Can anyone please help me

Are the items added in the textbox going to be seperated by a comma or space?

It can be anything eg: coma, hashtag or next line

Hi can anyone please help me?I really need help

Using two extensions, regex and listutils

Not working

Try like this

and the result as you see will be


Procedure blocks are draggable and if again it doesn’t work post a test aia to check it

Still not the right thing what I want…
The word that are not duplicate gets removed and the hashtags as well instead coma is added…

I am sharing the aia to you personally, please don’t share to to anyone else

Three problems had your aia and didn’t work. First in regex pattern you used \w+^3 instead of correct \W+^# , second join items using separator list should have \n and also paste actually pasted words without hashtag. I pm you your corrected aia

Still the same not working properly

I don’t know how to do it @dora_paz was helping me and you can see the block but it’s not working so can you help me? The aia is not open source so can’t give the aia to every one

Pm you final aia :slight_smile:

Yes, this is will make stop adding more messages in the topic… Because already plenty of suggestions were added. somehow you are making mistake thats why it is not working with perfect… :upside_down_face: