How to delete and focus on other textbox

I want to know about,
How to delete code and focus on other textbox

Please find the attachment

What have you tried?

Did you try with the textbox on text changed event to check if it is empty?



When the first TextBox’s name is TB1 and so on…

These are my blocks for that
blocks(1) blocks(2) blocks(3) blocks(4)


if I press delete, must be delete number only cannot focus previous textbox. focus previous textbox while pressing delete textbox. text = empty.

Try this test aia , and see if it works for you. I use @Taifun 's textbox extension

text_box.aia (21.2 KB)


you can try -

if (length of textbox2 == 1) {
call textbox3.RequestFocus
else if (length of textbox2 == 0) {
call textbox1.RequestFocus

Did You Try ?

Yes I did. but if textbox.text == Empty, keyboard delete option cannot work. it means text changed event cannot triggered if textbox .text==empty

please have a look at attached video. it is a example video. i want to delete looks like that.

Modify my aia according to your needs


Thanks for your Support :hugs:

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