How to detect sign up with Google login?

I’ve set up a Google Login (only GLogin, no mail or phone login) on my app and wanted the user to go through a “Tutorial” process when first login (so when signing up). The problem is : signing up with Google fires only “when log in” event.

So there seems to be no way to detect if this is the first time the user login or not :confused:
I’ve tried to test is username is empty but it takes the Google username… (because the tutorial is asking the user for a username and save it to firebase auth)

Is there any way to test if this is the first time the user connects ?

Thanks for any help :pray:

Use tiny DB to check if user is login first time or not.

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i did not what you are telling in topic you are telling something else and in post you are telling something else


Aia File :

SignUpWithGoogle.aia (2.3 KB)

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Just a bit in detail -

Always keep a list of registered UUID’s of your app and store it in TinyDB.
When the app starts and user is logged in, check if the current UUID was in the list in TinyDB.

Then add a if-else condition and you will have what you asked for!

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