How to do auto login

I created a login and registration system with Firebase Authentication. Later, I tried to make the logging in automatically the next time he opened the application, but I could not succeed.

The method I tried: After logging in for the first time, I saved the datas as email, password and signedin = True with Tiny DB and checked it with Screen1.initialize. However, I failed.

How can I do that?

Here already have a block


It’s not secure. Hacker can get user id and password

I’m talking about automatic login. And I’m using local database.

Can you show how do you checking it in screen initi?, Post screenshot of your blocks

Show us your blocks

@Still-learning @dora_paz

Try this :point_down:

blocks (2)

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but how will it work? it’s a string, not boolean

Did you tried this ?

not yet, i will

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Please have a try

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thank you, it worked. I just saw it too. making such a mistake wasted our time


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