Save Login - local database and firebase

I use firebase for login
I have in my application login system, when you close the application, you have to log back in.
How do I save the login?

I hope I’ve explained

Welcome, I don’t use Firebase myself but we have a ton of questions about firebase on the community. I see you only have 19 minutes reading time on the community. My advise would be to search the forum first and see if you can find the answer yourself.


welcome @fexdovetechnology
whenever user successfully login store this also in tinydb(after checking login credentials)

on screen1.intialize just check this
blocks (1)


If you are using the :firebase: Firebase Auth component you already have a “Is Signed In” block


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It’s better to declare the tag as a Global Variable instead because it has a more likely chance of saving. There was an argument on this a few years ago with I and someone else and I got agreed on the most.

I don’t want you to log in every time I open the application that’s what I want to do

Thank you very much

Are you trying to do One time login setting in your app ?

u can also make a login system with device id for auto login with the device id

Yes friend

Hello, thanks for the recommendation

Correction of the block, if you put close screen, when it goes to the next tab it will close

Now I see to it that I can’t go back to the previous screen.

I hope to explain