How to disable these kodular debug dialogs?

I want to know that: How to disable these kodular debug dialogs?

Please Watch this Video: Kodular Debug Dialog ! 🙄 - YouTube

Note: App is working :rocket: :100:%. These Dialogs are just showing about what’s going on in the app background.

Do you also get same as in companion?
Can you provide the AIA, if not confidential? Or any sample one?

But apps made in Kodular cannot run in background, are you using background extension by Atom developer?

Also can you show us you’re block, so we can take a look?

I’m sorry but @AL-Khalil_Developers can’t share AIA publicly for many reasons…
the most important contains personal information of the one signal account ( AIA files with personal information is not allowed )

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Why are you asking sorry?

If any sample AIA, if he knows why it’s happening and just remove the personal details from the AIA and then share if possible.

You see the video ???
Error with Google Ad and One Signal
How to share an AIA file without these components and without personal information ?


I din’t knew

Sorry, I am in my phone.

If you have not seen the video you have not understood the question.
Because you have answered this topic if you don’t know what the question really is ?

I suggest you read the questions carefully before posting, in this way we do not help with the solution !!!
Here we try to provide solutions.

Edit: Second suggestion, please read these topics


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problem solved …the problem was with only OneSignal component , I just removed it and everything works fine .no more debug dialog kind of stuff pop up…
I hope kodular team will fix the OneSignal push notification component in their next kodular update.

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