How to display image (correct or false image) between question at mcq?

Hello everyone, I’m still new to kodular. I try to make mcq, but i don’t know how to display the correct or false image between every question at my mcq, i want it to appear when answers are clicked. Please help me

I’m sorry for my bad english


Hi, @Celcius_reamur welcome the community !!!
Fisrt you need to know is the aswer select is right or not !!!
Next show you image

This may help u…

Thanks for your response, but what i build is not firebase based quiz app, just a simple quiz with question and answer in the list below.

Thanks for your reply, i already know about how to make the answer selected is right or wrong, but when i try to make procedure for display the image, the image showing just the first image no matter you clicked is right or not. So, can you help me with the procedur for it’s block ?, i’l show you with another block of my app.

Ok, but I do not understand and I do not know where you want to show the image (in a notifier or in what component?)
EDIT: Into your blocks i don’t see where you need to show the image ?
EDIT 2: You can show notifier the answer is correct or not with the image you want.
Read the documentation about notifier component

i’m using component image from user interface, please tell me if i’m wrong ?

oke, i will read about notifier first.
thanks for your reply.

I think look more great if you show a notifier and not only image …

For image only
Set image picture to answerok.png or answernotok.png