How to Download file from firebase to assets

Hello everyone I want to know how to download files from firebase to assets folder

You cant download files into assets folder.
But you can download files to any other folder on your device.

Thanks for replying mika how can I download files to another hidden folder in device such that users can see the files

check this its help you

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Yes but move Component present in kodular has Boolean blocks which cannot set I think

I don’t know why you want to do that. I suppose you don’t want the user to edit the files, which could allow the to hack a game score, for example.
If that is the case the user will probably fin a hidden folder anyway.
I found a solution that may help you too. I create a normal folder and I save the file with the data normally. Example: score.txt, then a rename the file to score.ppm so the user won’t be able to edit the file.
For my project that was enought but you can go a little further and encrypt the files somehow.

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Yeah it’s good idea

how to encrypt files?

I think kodular doesn’t have a component or extension for that. You will have to create a way by yourself. Some very simple examples: You can add 5 aleatory letters after each letter of your text. Then when you need to use the text you do the opposite to get the original text.
Or change the characters to something else. Ex: Letter a will be changed to letter b, lettler be will become letter c etc. With these ideas you can make something more difficult if you want.

Or you can use an online service too, but that will require internet connection and may be it will be a problem depending on the project.

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Kodular already has that component


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never seen it before
Is it new?
I use the file component all the time, I can’t believe I did never saw this component just above the file component.

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Yes it’s new. You can encrypt the score using encode the decode blocks so they can’t change the score.