How to download the files in my app on my mobile phone

Using HTML strings through the CustomWebView extension, I use the “img” tag to retrieve images (present in the app’s assets) and display them inside.
Unfortunately, to view them I need them to be present inside the mobile phone of the person using the app (otherwise the path gives me an error).
How can I download those images from the Assets to the smartphone and put them in a specific directory? (maybe invisible, so that the user does not go to delete it by mistake).

you can display them from the assets in the webviewer, just use the following path (example)
note: this path will work only after building the app

if you really want to do that, then one solution is to use the file extension and its Copy method

I’ll try to display image with your path, but after building app don’t appear.
Below the HTML string example who use to call the image.
< img style=“width: 77px; height: 77px; vertical-align: -7px;” src=“file:///android_asset/myPicture.png”>

EDIT: Ok, I have searched in your other posts and I found that you can also simply use “./MyPicture.png”, however it does not seem to load the image, because only a black box appears (as in the attached image).

try the example here App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps