How to Enable Fullscreen mode in any videos in webview in kodular

Yes , Video player is a website content.

Yes , It’s work in android studio app but not in kodular app

i think not possible in kodular yet to control app by web buttons, that’s what i was saying, maybe soon Team will add or any other method to control app by web buttons

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I have one temporary solution.
Just show notifier that to watch video in full screen please rotate your screen…
Just like other apps do…

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but my application also displays text and images when rotating the screen then the text display is still there … what I mean is to display the full video without displaying other content in the webview … this is not a player application that only displays the video screen …

What I know about this, it has never been possible on MIT Ai2 and its clones



A year passed, still no solution?

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Not with the add-on offered by Kodular or App Inventor
But if you can do it with the CustomWebView extension there is a method

I used that method too, it didn’t work

You can use a Iframe, insert the video into it, set height / width to the height / width of screen

If that method works, show your code blocks to see how you made them.

I made you this example, try it and you will see that it can be placed in full screen and make the screen rotate automatically

WebView_FullScreen.aia (65.5 KB)

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I tried it. thank you so much. I’ve been searching for 2 weeks, I couldn’t find it.

Did it work for you or was it not what you were looking for?

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it worked. exactly what I was looking for. thank you.


After adding it, the download option did not work. Can you give this blog on customwebview, please?

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Thank you very much

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you must enable the download option

Can you please see
app2.aia (399.6 KB)

After using this when I click on link, link do not open