How to execute an action at a specific time?

Hello everyone I still ask for your help today because despite my research I can not execute an action at a specific time there have already been posts on this subject but most parts are not complete or do not work or are too old so if you know how to do share it with me please !!!

Do you really think people can help you without you giving some details?

I think you can do this using the clock component, and if you are going to do this while the app is closed, you will need an background extension.

You want more details i want to change a switch position at 12 PM I have already try but it was not functional, here is…

here is my code i’m not super good but here it is.blocks(1)

Maybe something like this

ok tank you i don’t now if it is fonctionnal but I would test tomorrow because in france it is 12 PM so good night !

Goodnight, if this is your answer, please mark the post as solution.

hello i’m back i will trying now

it is not fonctionnal with me but i think because there is a time difference but just it’s = because I want that if it is the hour then we execute the action so can you with one of your times to see if it works and I will try again from my side please.

What is the goal, what precisely is to be achieved?

The goal is that i want to active a switch at 12 Pm every day.

All suggested methods will works only if the app open at the time. Because kodular app will not run in background. In such case you have to look for any extension.

I know but we can run the clock in the background

No, not if the app is closed.

There is no need to activate a switch, when app is closed.

Only, if a web service requests state of switch at 12 o´clock and if so, there is no need to use a switch. So in the screen initialize block there can be a block “if 12.00 o´clock or later set switch to enabled.” And if app is already running, there should be a clock timer enabled to detect when it is 12 o´clock. easy.

Can you show me an exemple please ?


s I said just before I did some test but no positive results I still show you if anyone has an idea for it to work I am interested

use this logic by @Rene1898

and use > rather than =


Yes i think i understand but i need an exemple please because i don’t no how to make this.