How to fetch project bucket name?

Hello Koders,

I wanted to know how to check and get the project bucket name containing some specific tag and its value, via firebase realtime database.

Let’s say there are two project bucket’s as follows;


  • name : simar

  • number: 12345


  • name : mala

  • number: 56789

How to do this?
Now, user have options to enter name and number.
When than get the the projectbucket name which contains tag(name=mala) & tag(number=56789)

Blocks solution would be really appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

If you have no authentication rules then you could use Web component. Set Web1.Url to


and then when Web1.GotText use dictionary blocks to get data

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Also it is very helpful to use search :mag: in community


Your case possible to attain with web component method only…

try like this

I have stored all the details under the bucket of Users, so i set url as


you too try like this


Thanks for it, did you created multi lvl project bucket? how to do that dynamically?

current project buckets


which one you are asking?

how to create like this?
create project bucket in (projectbucket)users?


just by using / will do that..

thanks, so good. I will try it asap.