How to fetch specific rows by writing the name or saving the name in my apps text box from Airtable in kodular?

can any one help?

this is the air table data

Whats the point to find index if you do not use it? Try to change get number with get index and see whta happens

okay 1 min

this is showing


Try like this

by this solution the name is filtering , but just the first name is coming. and if i use loop ten the same name replicating .

this way

if i put it in loop then

this time the list is this way.

please help any one…


are you here???

Please elborate more , unable to understand what you wonna say

Its wrong

In looping what you want to be done ?

use this extension to get some specific rows with filter:

I want to fetch every name that is linked with the qrlink, suppose in my text box i have ut “rkranjan_ 1234_rdg” so every data should come line by line in app but without this data other data should not come.

i need to have all the rows filtered by the data i put in the text box.

yes this is what this extension do

Yes … i am… then try like this, remove your procedure… once after getting values in airtable… do like this.

I am not getting , please help me how to use this?

Show you want make a custom search ? If yes check

see the post, Actually Did you try our suggestions?

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