[FREE] KevinkunAirtable extension

Use call.Select and when when.selectFinished block


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Is this for column or row ?

Have you read info provided by the developer ? If not read again #post1

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Does it has max record more than 1200

Free limit of airtable is 1200 row only… Are you using paid version of airtable?

Let’s say we have a table like this:

and we try to get ‘name’ column like this:

the global records is a list of list of list.

if you want to get a simple list (not nested list), do this:



What is nested list ?

What is page size ?

See post #1

Json format… …

How can I update cell with this extension in Airtable


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you need to know the id and column name of the cell.
data is a json string like {“columnname”:“new value”}


Is this extension able to load column fast as compare to Airtable component

i think they are using same api, anyway different people/location/computer have different opinion, try by yourself and share your result here pls.

@Kevinkun do you have any examples working with the JSONTools extension developed by Luke Gackle?

is this related to this topic? pls open a new post.

Yes it is related, I ask if you have any example of your extension working with JSON Tools, that’s all.

yes the select method will return a json string. you can use this JsonTools to parse it to a dictionary (i guess, never use it).

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what should i have to give in data actually I want to update cell like before is False But after clicking button i want to update cell from false to true

And I Need one more help that how to filter 2 column

I did like this
Column1=“abc” & Column2=“xyz” i want airtable send only those values in which abc and xyz value is there