How To Find Textbox Text Language...?

How To Find Textbox Text Typing Language Was English Or Not ?

Explain your issue in detail

i want check text box input language was English or not.

i want user must fill his details in english

This will depend upon the user,

User can fill the text box according to his phones or keyboard language.

You can set text box input type to number, email, password, text etc from text box properties.

i have only one text box
and its input type was text
i want check user fill name only in English.
if text box text in other language then show error message that use only english

TextBoxTools extension might help you…

I think u can not do it, but you can show warning message to the user to type name in English language only when text box get focus.

Its not impossible but take some of your time
For this you have to set all English alphabets, and all other simple characters of a key board includeing digits too (but u dont need to add all the emojies because they are madr by simple characters) in a variable in row csv form
Now when on text box text change check wher the text contains a word that is not in your list then show your error

I searched community for ‘Language detection’ and I found below result

See if it helps

See the post below, you can use texbox extension

Followed @Taifun 's suggestions in the post, tried it, and I believe it works. All you have to do is add what characters you want to the text block.


when we use space in typing its not work

Add what ever characters you wish to the allowed text box for example space, numbers etc . Its an example , you should play with the code according to your needs

can you share block or aia…?

The blocks are in the above post

i try this
when i used space in sentence it’s not work

Use trim block before Text_Box.

or add space for example in the above blocks there is a space prior to a in the text

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