How to fix the size of crop

Hi, my intent was to crop a photo keeping the same proportions.
Unfortunately even by putting these values ​​I can not prevent the crop from resizing.
How can I go about giving it fixed values?

Maybe @Taifun 's image extension might help you

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I tried it, but the crop method is quite ambiguous, especially if you don’t know the size of the image.
In fact, he simply crops the photo based on the values ​​I give him preset, and does not generate a crop method where I can zoom in or out or move the area to be cropped.

the activity starter can only pass string values
you can try the following extension
Activity Starter Extension by pepemont, which additionally is able to pass boolean and long values


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I’ll try to switch Activity Starter with XActivity Starter, the result is this, but nothing change.
the cropping section is again resizing and not fixed. Where am I doing wrong?

read the short documentation about how to use it

Any key starting with “B.” or “l.” will be passed as boolean or long respectively.

see also the example project, which was provided in the link above

Ok, I read the small text contained in the link, and I understood that to declare the type of variable it is necessary to insert the initial in the name of the variable itself.
So I put “b.” in the names of the Boolean variables, and “i.” in the names of integer variables.
Other does not explain, apart from the use of the start and end time of the calendar (which I don’t need).
Nothing, problem reamin.

if you look again carefully at the short documentation, you might want to realize, that it is a B (uppercase B like Boolean) and a l (lowercase l like long)
for the Boolean you have to try, if the value must be the text true or false or the boolean block true or false


Oh sorry, I hadn’t noticed that the B was uppercase, I assumed it was lowercase.
Anyway I corrected but it gives me the same error both if I use the “true” block and if I use the “true” string
what do I do?
Sorry but it’s the first time I’ve approached such things.

another thing you can try for the boolean value is 1 (for true)
also why are you using i as prefix? there is no such thing as i… Probably you prefer to use l for long?


Ok, I replaced the booleans true with 1 and now the error is gone.
However I used “i.” because I thought there was a reference to the integers, but since it’s not there I put “l.” as you recommended.
Unfortunately, both with the numerical block values ​​and with the stringed values, the crop area does not remain fixed.

ok, that does not look too bad now…
do you have any link to the extra keys you have to use for the Crop?

is the crop area able to remain fixed?

Maybe yes? I opened this topic just to ask if it was possible to find a way to make the crop area fixed to a certain section, which then I could move to where I wanted without making it smaller, lengthening or widening it