How to gap line between text in one colum on tableview

Like in label we gap line using by
tag. But now I want to gap line in tableview like this
example aia:
IBLC.aia (346.8 KB)

can u help me…?

i think you have to use width for the table…
in this aia, i didnt get full amoun what you are expecting. pls explain it with screenshot, so that others could may help you

i give example on aia

in aia i can see lables arranged with some distance… ( used width for each label)

or try thi extension 🟦 Dynamic Table - Tutorials and Guides - MIT App Inventor Community good to use credit to @TimAi2

can u copy my example design with this table extension,?
i dont know how to do that with this extension

Just use width, thats alone is enough i hope and no need of any extension