How to get a row data based on cell value given by user in Text Box with Search Option

My Airtable contains 6 Columns :

Such as :point_down:

  1. Farmer Name
  2. Father Name
  3. Address
  4. Mobile
  5. Aadhaar
  6. Crop Details
    with around 500 records.

:star: When a user enters his aadhaar in the text box & then submits using a button, then the rest of the row data such as Name, Mobile etc…of that perticular user should filter from the Airtable and gets visible :star:

I tried many logics but couldn’t succeeded. Kindly help me.

Thanks :+1::blush:


Thanks for your support but I have already read the Earlier post as you mentioned regarding Data filter by Specific Date. But I couldn’t able to Understand. Kindly help me out with an example that relates to Text Box Search.