How to get Airtable Data By Filtering


I wants to filter student by class and show student name on list view.

this is my aia file
MHSS_ARTS.aia (9.5 KB)

I will check after a little and check what is issue

Your Column Name is in Capital NAME and you are asking to get name in small , also Table Name was wrong, table name is STUDENT_WITH_ITEM nd you set STUDENT only
now you list is getting data of Name

You Need a lot of fixes in your screen, like dont send any empty data to airtable other wise it will not recall data, and use a checker before adding data use if not is empty text box, then call airtable to store data, if text box will be empty airtable store empty data and you cant call back that data

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no i am calling data from student

Also getting data from STUDENT
From app

data is getting perfectly but i whats to filter student name by class and division.

for that why dont you make extra table for a class, like class 1 has there own table when you try to add student use a list picker to select class and then that selection can be set as table name of spreadsheet and create new row in that class table,

or you can use filter search of listview and call student name with class and search by class, like search class2 and all class 2 students will appears

Like this check out

This is fine please send solved aia.

here is aia file, if needs any help contact me in pm
MHSS_ARTS.aia (10.4 KB)


Before I download this aia to see how you solved this, may this solution also work with my project?

I have solved it, but with LOTS of blocks and many Airtable components and not the way I want it.

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Thank you for your support

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i suggest you to make single table for a single type item, for example, if a category is clothes, and other is shoes, then make a table with name of clothes, and other with shoes and at main screen set you buttons to open a screen with value, when cloth button click, open screen (shop) with value Clothes, and when shop screen initialize set table name of each spreadsheet to start value(cloth or shoes) and get column , then your list only contains that items, and for seconds or other buttons call there table

I tried to use your aia, but I was not successful

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why what is your issue?

I want to display data from the airtable using parameters that are input via the text box

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