How to get and compare the data from database to the label component?

I generated a QRCode from Customers ID in database. Now my problem is how to get the Customers Name from the database after I scan the QR and put it in a label component? For example, after scanning the QR Code, Customers ID will be inserted in Label 1 and its corresponding Customers Name for Label 2.
Can you suggest me any idea?

This is my code so far:

and this is the php file:

I tried if else block because I am trying to compare the label “Scanned_Id” to the Cus_ID in database in order to get the Cus_Name but it turned out not so well lol

Means you want to show Customer id on label 1 and Customer name on label 2 and they are stored in 1 qr code

Is it possible to put it in 2 labels?

Yes can you share me a QR Code I wil check Ok

Omg sure hehe here. Thanks for your help :heartpulse:

Ok Can you share same with different value because let’s see if all qr code that are generated are having same format then we have to make on one logic for all qr codes ok :+1:

sure, here hehe

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Hello are you still here

Try this app
Sacnner.apk (5.5 MB)

Now this is what I’m looking for! :scream:

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Here is aia for you my Buddy :heart: :heart: :heart_decoration:
Sacnner.aia (2.3 KB)
Mark solution ok

Thank you so much Aditya! You really saved my day! :heartpulse:

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