How to get data from airtable spreadsheet

i want to display my spread sheet column in my app .what to do?next

Use the values option from Got column block. It contains a list of data from your database.

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can u explain it in detail,bcoz iā€™m new to this

try like this -


this example is from one of my app. Online Music Player.

checkout if you want. - Tech CVR - Fusion Player - Dynamic Online Music Player
Video tutorials - YouTube


absolutely helpful.
But, can we call other columns like if we want to call " Details " column ? in which we can display that info which we already put in that column ?.
Because , this blocks will only open Title , Subtitle , and Image. @techcvr

you can display as many columns as you want. you just have to set all the blocks properly

thank you for your reply @techcvr .

Here is what i mean .
this is my current UI .

where i call data like ,
Label1 - title , Image - image , label2- data.

and this is what i want to do,

Image 2 - another image call from column in spreadsheet ( but from same row ) , label3 - another data called from another column ( but from same row ).

yes its possible. make sure to add spreadsheet according to the no o columns, if you have 6 columns then add 6 spreadsheet. and then call each column data by using get column data block.

will you please tell me in Blocks ? @techcvr
it would almost solve my problem and then i can complete my app.

thank you for your reply @techcvr
i call spreadsheet data from this blocks.

And send that data from this blocks

And this are blocks of my Display page where user can see data of the item which he clicks in the list.

blocks (34)

Will you please tell me where i have to add Which blocks ?
it almost solve my problem then.