How to get data of specific device ID from airtable

Hi i have an app in which the user can do multiple registrations
So once they register 3-4 times then i wanted to get value in screen 2 so how can i do that i have no idea
The registration required many thing like first name last name. phone no, email, aadhaar
but the value which is getting in screen 2 will be first and last name and phone number
And if user register 100 or 1000 time then his data of name and phone number will get in screen 2 Can any body help how to do that?

What do u use for register ? Like firebase

Airtable ill use for the data

Do you have tired any thing if yes can you show me your blocks

a single device id in the data base are 5 -6 but i show only 1 row result

That means do you want to get all datas in one row

just want 3 data of every row for a particular device id

Use [FREE] KevinkunAirtable extension and set as filter deviceid

how to use it ?

which block i have to use?

Please ,
1-Open the link …
3-And test…

after reading your first post, no understand what you want to achieve…

see i have app in which multiple registeration will there from 1st user

if i am an app user i can register multiple time 100 or 1000 times i can register and all data will uploaded to air table

and on screen 2 i want to get data through device id

please reply in one post.


1 why one user need to register 100-1000 times?
2 I remember aittable free plan only allow 2000 rows.Correct me if i am wrong.
3 every time register have same device id? or unique id?

appointment for 1000 times? does this make any sense?
so you want to get this 1000 rows data dame time? all together? or with sime filter?

no just want first name and last name not more than this