How to get data of specific device ID from airtable

Just today I made a chat app with airtable it change colour of background of registered user on device if he send any message. May be those blocks can also help you :sweat_smile:

Can I build it for you? Or explain the logic to be used

what??? you will build

so these 1000 row data totally same?
all data entered by patient? and you as a doctor want to get all appointment?

yes u can understand like that also

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1000 also possible if you give me database alone I can make

I can make it yaaar

please read carefully and let me know what did you understand?

if these 100 row are same totally, then it is not necessary like this, there should be only one in there, maybe you can add a field like updateTime or like that.And another field named approvedByDoctor, and set it false as default.
then doctorcan get all data by approvedByDoctor=false.

no 5 people will handle it

If user register with specific device id a case 20 times you want to show the all twenty case details in next screen screen 2 right

Still not get ur point

how the doctor know the deviceid?

Means this app is not for clients it’s for doctor right

@Kevinkun understood?

maybe try to add comma or period for better understanding.

Wait I creating blocks It might help you

use the filter of KevinkunAirTable extension

This was suggested at the beginning of the topic.