How to Get Firebase Values?

Hello every one
i am facing difficult to retrieve multiple values in firebase
here are my blocks and fire base structure
how to get my pass as password?
thak you

hey @Shalom please do not use all capital letter in title or post
First of all your firebase value should be in "/"your value/"" then it will get the value otherwise it dont.
And better is that sore your user detail in multiple tags it will simple ignore store value as a list

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Don’t Use Value = TextBox

Because you add password in value with other accessories,

Use contains.Text with TextBox



may you explain how to store value in multiple tags?
thank you

you can change the bucket when you add new user in you database, in every bucket set tags you want.


i am newbie i dont understand even what those block means

ok i get you thank you

mark it solved to if only when your query got solved, It help others.

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done thanks

Your Welcome.


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