Firebase get tag

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How can I get the value of all the address tag?

Set project bucket as

users/verifiedusers/user id(use variable)/userinfo
Get value firebase tag address

Are you looking for admin app or in user app??

I said it above for concern users

If you want for admin,oh wait…

Did you use any firebase rule?,

Pls answer this to proceed further.

this is for user app, I want to get all the first name and the lastname value

Then you have to use project bucket as said above. But you cannot test in companion mode

Make it as project bucket
And use two firebase get value block
(One for first name another for last name)

When firebase got value, use if else statemtnet
If get tag = first name
Set any lable or use your custom rule to catch the first name
Else set another lable or your own rule to catch the second name…

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