How to get Google User Name and other data?

How to get Google Account Details
-User Name
-Profile Image
I have checked Google Account Picker but it only giving - Email

Use Firebase Auth.

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I haven’t tried it yet but you can get this data from the firebase login with google

Thanks @Kanishka_Developer
Is there any other method because firebase has limit. that’s why I am not using this method.

I found this Google+ API
but how to get Profile can anyone help

With limit or it will not be more than enough, I assure you :slightly_smiling_face:

Google+ integrations for web and mobile apps have also stopped functioning as of March 7, 2019. Learn more.

I Have checked Firebase Pricing Section

That’s not Enough
Means Simultaneous Connections are limited to only 100User

and I Don’t want to store Data on Firebase.

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Sorry my mistake I Missed reading this on Api Page. Thanks

That is only for Realtime Database

Not for authentication

Means There is no limit to authenticate simultaneously. Okk Thanks
There is 10k Per Month Authentication Limit

Have used Firebase before?
I want to ask one thing is there any limit on data entries.

In all my apps

I don’t know, i use MySQL

ok because i want to store some ID related data. i have not used firebase before.
I am now planing to store and retrieve that data from Google Spreadsheet. when user required.

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Which is best Firebase or Spreadsheet what do you think?

Personal opinion: MySQL :sweat_smile:

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Okk I will see It’s Completely New for me.
Atlest Firebase and Spreadsheet i Have tried Before.
I Will definitly try MySQL:+1:
Okk Thanks

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you can also use oauth to get user details

Means? which method

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