How to get Json without use button?

Hello Dear Coders,

I want to get my json data without use button. For example if screen 1 loaded, json data must be loaded also. But in my version if i click the button json data is coming how can i fix this ?

Here is my block;

what about that?

Try , in event :


this is json extension. I can get data from my defined json. But i want to get data without any click button.


Could you please support your comments with blocks. I am realy doing my best since 3 weeks i am searching and reading lots of documents. But i can do that only. If you give me advice with blocks i will be very grateful to you. thank you.

This block receives response content and passes a value. You will use, for example, your Text box to receive this value. Just a test.

and what happens if you move the red circled blocks from the Button.Click event into the Web.GotText event?

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Only one way by clock

Without extension , did you try ?


after added text block issue has been solved. Thank you.

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