How to get Message in Label if data is not available in Google Sheet?

All working fine. If existing record found then got message, but if search unknown records then following error has been occurred. Please help me.

My Code


when web got text use length of the list for this list from csv table text get respondent content… If the length is 1, then pop up or show lert, Data not found, else use this select list item list

I Want
Sheet1 is empty
Sheet2 is Not Empty

If Sheet2 data match with Textbox1 then Entry in Sheet1
If Sheet1 Entry already exist then message “Duplicate” else Add Entry

For this kind of case you must get items from both sheets and must compare then add the logics…

BTW, your blocks are not in the way I suggest

Dear Still-learning!

Thank you for your support.

The problem is resolved.

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