Please help me data call from google spreedsheet

when I open the app showing this error

ais file
bengali_calendar_Screen1.ais (12.5 KB)

google spreed sheet : BanglaDate - Google Sheets

Post your block, you may get a quicker answer. Some (like me) do not want to download your file.

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Can you show blocks?

In your second column on the sheet, you only have 4 items of data, but in your blocks, you are trying to access 5 items of data. this is why you get the error.


but when I use 4 item data facing same problem

Yes, sorry, you need to adjust your blocks.

Responsecontent contains a list of lists:


When you iterate over the list created index 1 of item is Date (this is good so far)
You then need to break out the items in index 2, which is a csv row of four items

Blocks should be something like this:

yes. problem solved. error showing for an empty cell. thnks