Why my spreedsheet data is not showing?

Please anyone tell me why my spreedsheet data is not showing where is my error

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As you are getting response from spreadsheet, the response content(marked as 1 in below image) may be in csv table format


Hence, instead of list from csv row block(marked as 2 in above image) try to use list from csv table block :point_down:


Use for each loop to extract data list by list.

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yaa it work but in this form

i want in it multiple line it will show in only one line i want to show in diffrent line

how to do this in multiple line i am unable to do in multiple line

just use for each number block to make a list

i dont want to put in list i want to put in label only i cannot do that which i have to use to split the data in muliple line

or you can watch this video, the youtuber explain this

but this in list form i dont want to list form i want to in label form like quote or shayari

then you can use Text Join block and after a single value set “\n”

i have used google spreedsheet first time so i am unable to call the data one by one in quote or shayari form

Its quite not clear. Can you explain more how do you want to display data?
Also can you share the response content here?

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I want to call a data one by one like quote or shayari app when we click on next button i want to change the text and another text will display but i want only one text when screen intilize this is my repsonse content

Test this and see if it works. All you have to do is put your own url to test it

quote.aia (3.1 KB)


yaa dear i want exactly this type of data calling thank you @dora_paz for solving my problem now i have no queries thanks you once again

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I marked @Vaibhav anwser as solution cause he gave the solution to your first question


I already did that once, who changed that…

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Next time make sure to provide us with all the information needed in your first post so we don’t need to guess what your are trying to do…


Sorry for that

next time i will give you full information about my problem

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Just make it easier for us to help you!