Please Solve my Error Where Can I do Mistakes?

Hello Coders,

I am working on an application but I am stuck in 1 problem as I have solved from myself also but I also cannot solve so please help me.

Where I am doing mistakes Please anyone tell me…

I am using 2 sheets in 1 google sheets

But When I click on Card 1 I found these errors.

This is my block image:

In the web got text, you have used for each item in the list block, but there. youate calling select list item list of global variable, remove the select list item list and use directly the global variable. It will work

Also in the global variable too you have used select list item list. Just remove it that too.

  1. Set global variable to list from CSV table text to get response content
  2. For each item from the list get global variable

Make these two changes.

The problme is, if you get response from gsheet then each row is a list… since you are having only one item in the list it shows error like that.

Like this you are telling

Yes but that select list item list won’t work… as you have only one item in each row (as per your gsheet screenshot)

But Still Learning I will tell you in detail what I am doing:

See I am using 1 google sheet in multiple sheets like sheet1, sheet2.

  1. In 1 google sheets I am showing sheet1 data when I click on listview and in 1 google sheet, I am calling sheet2 data when I click on card view.

So that is why I have made a Variable and in that, I have added 2 URLs of sheet1 and sheet2

But When I click on Card1 so I want to saw only sheet1 data and when 1 click on List view I want to saw only sheet2 data like in airtable how can we call by column like that I have called but when I click on card1.

So that why I have take for each item twice for 2 different google sheets data

I hope now you understand…

Can you share your demo aia to fix the problem now?? Either here or in pm.

I want to send aia file in pm but I cannot see any message option on your profile

Check now…

Hello Coders,

@Still-learning Has Solve my problem.

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It would be nice if you could share the solution as that’s what the community is for.

managed to get different sheets response via index method and it solves his problem

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Thank you so much @Still-learning for helping me so much

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