List error. Wrong Blocks

Good day. Please tell me where the error is, what is wrong in the blocks. Sometimes a list error appears when I remove any three blocks, then the application works without errors. I understand this error is due to some kind of conflict due to incorrect blocks.

Your list length is 40 only but you are trying to take 41st item. That’s why this error occurs

Better way is, first get all items from web and put into the variable and then from this variable try to create elements in list view

I tried to get a list from a variable, it didn’t work. perhaps this happens because block 2 receives data earlier, and the sheet starts with 2 empty cells. but I’m not sure. if I remove three different blocks, then the list will turn out to be correct. (and this error it is not permanent but sometimes)

Then use clock component with index method, untill all got text. Finally set time to false then create listview

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I also set a timer. got no difference. I’ll try again with variables. thank you for trying to help

No. Certainly it will work…

If you use index method perfectly it will work

Earlier I have advised one of the user to check up multiple gsheet using single web component along with index method it self

you were right about the variables. after 15 requests there was no error at all. thank you very much

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The error hasn’t gone away :frowning_face:if i give aia can you correct me the mistake?

Yep sure… let me fix it

you have private messages disabled. I would like to send the file in a private message…

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