Select list item: Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 0: ()

Hello Coders,

I am trying to load dynamic scroll arrangement with card view and image but It will not be showing. I found this error:

This is my google spreadsheet data:

This is my Block:

I have tried so much but I failed a lot of time and I have also searched in the forum also so as I cannot get solution so I am creating these topic

Show your when web1 got text

I strongly believe that you have not added blocks properly the gsheet items into the global lists. See global artist is showing nothing it means nothing is printed

When web1 got text
Set global Google response to list from CSV table text to get response content

Web 1 got text does pakka.

Here is a problem

Remove the add items to the list again to global artist

Also length of the list you should not add select list item list, simply use length of the list get global artist

Can you please tell me in detail I cannot understand what you are telling?

As I am the little bit confused?

But when we remove this then how can we store the url of image in the global artist?

As I have removed these add items to the list again to the global artist then I found these errors:


In the web got text itself you have added element to global artist but here it is telling empty list. So meanwhile you have re created this variable to empty list. Pls check up it

Yes I have created a variable with empty list because here you will see that I have also make a variable with empty list but here it is working but for artist when i create a list of empty list then it was not working why this happen??

Based on the above blocks it seems, web index 1 is not executing. If it executes then you will get values in global artist. Make sure you have set set global web index to 1 while the web url executes first time

The problem may be you did get response from gsheet (your error clearly says). So Please check the web response when you set web index to 1 or check the web url also in the same place…

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