List index too large everytime 🥺

Hellow everyone I hope you all are fine . Please help me for one error I faced everytime when I add somthing in google sheet database

I used Google sheet as a Database
List want to show in dynamic component.

Error - list index too large ( attempt to get item of a list of length 1 ( empty string )



Thanku in advance

Can someone tell me how much word I place in cell :roll_eyes: of sheet

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May you post a screenshot of error here.
And your blocks are not clear and full. You can download your block image by right clicking anywhere on the block section and then click download blocks as png. Then post those blocks image here.
Or try to print the global title admin list in a label or Do it. Then lost the result here. You should check first where this process is stucked?. And it is empty then also try to print the alldata csv list.

Thanks for replying First I would tell you, sumit it’s error occupied by Google sheet “,” in our parents coloum (main list length veriable ) terminate text and show error then .

Is this error you are getting while opening the app? Attach screenshot

This is not block error errors create by Google sheet I used , in text so :no_mouth: it’s create extra block

Try to show alldata from spreadsheet extension to label to know the result

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