Create Custom Search / Filter by google sheet data

i have trying to create filter/search box for my listview image and text from my google sheets.
like this

here my DB

and here my block

my goal when i texting “pu” on text box, it should be show item with Title “Pule”…but its always show error “Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0…”

could you help for my block or give me post references

Yes, it will throw you the error… Because after getting response from google sheet, you have not saved the images list and title list, then how will you get it?

without storing directly you have added into the listview image block… Pls correct it. It will work

you must use here, add items to the list block two times and the corresponding block


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thanks for answer…
you mean i must use block add item to list list in for each?

like this?

yes… Correct , one list(title) only was ready, another one?

i put this…

and this

and result this

may i share screen to you for better inspect?


You must use select list item list block, you have added the whole list

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aia would be better instead of ais… delete the other screen and make sure it wont affect this screen

wow its works

but another problems…

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Good. Keep learning… Also if possible hit solution to the post which solves your problem, so this thread will be closed…

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thank you for your advice and solution…best regards for me… :bowing_man:

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