Bad arguments to select list item

I want to see the data I have entered in firebase using admin app of the same app. It is a school app.
please help me to solve his

The list of value you create is empty may be or you have used wrong way to create the tag…

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i have watch a youtube tutorial and take helps from the aia file given from the youtube channel

i can share the aia files if you need kindly help me :pensive:

Ok share it… I will try

Links deleted

I am sharing both aia files. The problem is in the school_app

Ok… I will try… If I found any issue will message you soon

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Thank you for helping :blush:

Hii… Please pm me… There are certain things which I have to ask from you…

yes please

pm me… It’s little personal… @Pankaj_Saha

Anybody can solve my problem
How to solve it please reply

Delete the last block ‘set Global Spreadsheet to 1’. This block will set the Global Spreadsheet value to 1 and the loop will never stop.
You need to delete that block.

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This is not working.
He is showing again same issue.

I got it.
You’re trying to select item from the list but the value is not available as the list. That’s why you’re getting error.

But “383195963” is a value in Airtable

Because you’ve stored all the values in the single cell. That’s why data is not being saved as list. Hence, you’re getting this value.

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