How to store a list in a cell of airtable and get it?

(TechGeekNerd) #1

I am trying to store a list in cell of airtable.
it get stored in like this
(one two three four five six seven eight)

but when i get in app and try to get the item index at 1 in value.
it show error.

one more thing as much i know there is not problem in block.

can you plz suggest me how to store a list in a cell of airtable like we store some list in one tag of firebase.

Problem Solved __ Please delete the post i am unable to delete it.

(David Ningthoujam) #2

is the SetCell block work for you?

(TechGeekNerd) #3

i didn’t used it

(TechGeekNerd) #4

yes this work for me

(David Ningthoujam) #5

im not sure why, its not working for me. it only works in companion. can u share example app and .aia?

(TechGeekNerd) #6

Testing.aia (156.0 KB)
here is aia