Get data from airtable

I want to get data of specific cell from airtable and store it in a variable.
how can i do that??


what to add in ‘initialize global cell_content to’
empty list or empty string??

Depends on what you need.

Making it a blank string is fine.

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I have done this.

but while testing label shows ‘0’ .

And… what are your results.

If you are not getting results then put the response code in Label1

Get cell method is in procedure, and you are not calling the procedure, first call the procedure when screen intialize.

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still not working. here are screen shots

Blocks are fine, so you clearly have a problem with your API and Table names. Are those configured properly in the Designer part?

Also, I said you need to track the RESPONSE CODE to see if your getting an error.


Set the label one text to block, inside got cell block.

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