Need Help on Error: Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 1

Hello All
I Created An App With Airtable Spreadsheet.
I Got an Error.

I set Blocks for it is:

Here is Full Blocks for App:

Error says all you will trying to get second item of list which doesn’t exist.
Your list contains only one item


Thank you Mr. Sajid.
Will You Please Tell Me Where I Use? Bcoz I Checked it but not found

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According to me, there’s an error in the when user got column… When it is getting data and calculating the select item, the error is happening because it is not able to get 2nd item from a list that just has 1 item… Remove the when user got column block and try if any errors are there or not

Can you show the Airtable table?

Are all the columns complete? You can’t get the data from a column with empty cells.

Check that none of the columns have empty cells.

Problem Solved Guys.
Thanks For our Support.

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