How to get data from airtable and how to delete items from list?

I encounter two problems.

  1. I am unable to get data from airtable sheet. However, I can update the airtbale sheets with out any issues.

  2. I wanted to delete used items from a list picker. List items are generated from a text file. The used Items can be found from the airtable column.

First of all I see an empty slot in when file got text block. Also I see that your spreadsheet has at least 27 columns but your are getting only UID. As for deleting an item from list picker all you have to do is to remove it from the list you use as list pickers’s elements. A simple example

Thank you, The listpicker part worked. But I still cant solve the airtable one. Could you please elaborate?

Do you get values in global nameList ?

If you do not get data check airtable for empty rows or empty cells

Thank you, I have removed empty rows and that problem with airtable was solved. However after installing I am getting a new error, this error did not appear while testing. While testing the app was working fine.
Error message

see your mistake

I mentioned that above

Thank You, the issue was with the Tex_Box2. I changed the list licker text to text box2 text. Then the problem was fixed. I noticed that the File block is working fine with that empty slot.

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Are you sure??

It sounds new to me.

Well, Without index How can one select an item from the list?? :thinking:

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This is the change I have made. It works fine now. When I was checking the issue, I have replaced the file block with airtable spreadsheet, but I was still getting the same error then.

This is third time we are insisting you to fill the index block with either 1 or 2.

No one can pick any item from the list without index if you are using the event block for each number

Please read your error.

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