Where is the problem? Help - The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments

I can show the list on Firebase in the list view tool. However, I cannot show the number 1 in the firebase list. I get the following error. Where is the problem?


The item variable won’t return a list.You could select from the value variable in the tag list event, which contains a list with all of your tags :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use the translator, but I don’t understand much. Can I get some more information about what to do? Sorry :slight_smile:
I want to show the values ​​entered by the users on the list view. It’s really hard to type manually

Instead of setting the list argument in select List item block , to the item variable, you could set it to the value variable, more precisely:
Also I’m not sure why you need the for each item in list block, you don’t really need it :wink:

I am creating WhatsApp groups app. :smiley:
I need to show the Group Title within the list in Firebase.

So your groups title is stored in the id25 tag.

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Yes true. where am i making a mistake

It is created as an id (number) for each group.

So your buckets is the group titles , which contains some of the group information as I think?So you could set the the project bucket property to empty string ( an empty red text block ).Use get tag list block in the tag list event set listview1.elements to the value variable.

Thank you I want to try a few more ways.

I named it as follows for better understanding.

I don’t understand, I did it on the previous screen @Mohamed_Tamer




Thanks, it’s now better understandable :grinning:
So, you would set the project bucket to the category you want to get its groups’ title .
Now , you could use get Tag List block :

In the tag list event which is called when your app successfully gets the tag list ( it’s a list which looks like this: ( id21 id22 id23)):

You should add s for each item in list block , it’s list parameter would be your value variable , inside this for each item in list loop , use this block to get the value of the id:

In fact, these blocks gets the tag list then gets the value of each tag.
Now you can add this blocks, which is raised when your app gets the tag’s value which is a list with your group info:

Now you can use this routine to the first list item of your group info which is the group name and add it to the list elements:
Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank u so much it fixed :slight_smile:


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