Erorr in chat view

Hai guys
i am making group chat app but i am faicing this problem firebase get value

my blocks

Use a such title that reflect your problem. Instead of anything. Title say that error in chat view however, the error is in your blocks. So edit your title.

I think you have a list in list seems from the error.

what i edit title

i edited my title same erorr

It’s saying that your list length is 2 so the 3rd item is not properly calling can you Tell on which function did you got this problem and also share the screen shot of that block

giving me erorr this block

Your firebase(get value) is having only two value it seems but you are trying to take the third value. Right click on get value and click do it. Then alter your blocks

@Midhlaj_am here is the error please check that you list of global chat is having 3 items or not because there is error in getting the 3rd list element which is not present

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OK, let me check

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