Error When Length of list

when i used this blocks it is showing error

i want get the length of list please help me to fix it

I think you store the global joined_users as a string not a list.

i had stored as a list

Make sure to set the list before you calling length of list.

i had already set the list and sent to firebase and i want to get the list length after getting that value from firebase

Then check the value you get from firebase with the block is s list?

when i checked it with is list block it is showing true

So when do you see the runtime error? In what procedure?

it is show error in every procedue when i want to something with list

I’m sorry your answer is not helping.
From the error, a procedure is reading the value as a string. Please check one by one. Especially, the value in the firebase.

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what happens, if you use a normal text block rather than the Obfuscated Text block as test?
btw. you might want to rename the global variable jouined_users into listUsers or something like that… it’s always a good idea to be able to see immediately, if a variable contains a list or not…