Problem with firebase read

Hi guys, im trying to create a “user app” with firebase.
My problem is when i try to read The value from a tag i stored in screen2
Screen2 stores my tag and value
And I want screen3 to show my value in a list view.

But The listview in screen3 just comes out empty?
I use when firebase got value-set listview elements-get value

Show your blocks pls

screen2 screen3

on screen 2 the listview works, but not in screen3

This is already in discuss

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Yeah, I know that, thats why I said that

Problem is occurring because you are taking ‘Got value’ block.

Use ‘Tag List’ block to get tag list. It will solve your problem.

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Hope it will help you.

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thank you very much man =) that worked just fine!

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You are welcome. :slight_smile:

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