Not receiving value from Firebase

I am receiving blank values for the tag “Image” and “Subtitle”. The “when Tag List” block is working fine and I got the tags in the variable. I have used GetValue for each item in list (all the tags which are inside of “Indian Appetizers” tag) but I don’t know why it is not fetching the value in the app. Here are my blocks and screenshot of the database:


Please someone help!

Why are not you storing data on Airtable?

Anyway, Can you show me any screenshot how the list will look like?

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Thanks for your reply. I am not using airtable because I want to add more categories later and if I use airtable then I will need to create a new table for each different category so it looks weird to make new table everytime. And yeah as it is not fetching the values so the list which I have created is still an empty list.

Because use assign global id to 1 after the get taglist block, that is why when you call tag list id’s value is 0. And so when you get tag list your codes does not work because the condition is false. Replace get tag list block with global id assignment

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Thanks for replying! But I am getting the tag list successfully in the variable and I have added a condition that if global id is = 1 then add items to the list and it is working perfectly so the global id is 1 not 0 so the condition is not false, it’s true…The problem starts when I use GetValue for each item in list. I’m getting blank value for the tag “Image” and “Subtitle” from firebase.

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could you fix it?

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