How to read only 1 value under tag Firebase


When i getting values i get all 3

How to read only for example this value “5885” not all

OR how to do like this ?
How to store values like this

When you write your tag do this.

Your ProjectBucket is FirebaseTutorial

So when you write the tag you do this

tag = /users/1514493745635/password
value = bomb

tag = /users/1514493745635/points
value = 100

tag = /users/1514493745635/username
value -= pixii


and with first method ?
How to get values if i need this only in middle

How to read only for example this value “5885” not all

You are storing the value as a list so when you get the value use the select item in list block and set the list as get value and the index to the index of the value. For example if you want the first value set the index to 1 or if you want the middle one set index to 2

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If possible can you please show me the blocks ?

And what block i use to clear list
i wona it starts from clear list again
not like this

Read my reply well and you can know what block to use. In the List Category use the SELECT ITEM IN LIST block

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Got it , Thanks allot !!! Abhijith_Dominic &Cian

Now youst , how to clear the list ?
what block i use ?

Set the ListView Elements to nothing, and then reload