Not getting data from a spreadsheet

i am not getting data from excel sheet
why i am getting this error shown below
EXCEL_TO_APP_7_ROW.aia (90.6 KB)
Kodular Creator 11-17-2021 3-20-58 PM

Dont know what you are expecting… Anyway test this… For this kind of work you no need of any third party extension… simple url alone is enough

EXCEL_TO_APP_7_ROW(1).aia (90.7 KB)

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You mean this?

If you remove the index 1 from the very all data list then first row won’t come.

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you did excalty what i needed , are you making a calendar if making please share the link of the app, i need one help from you please…

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but this is totally different than this topic so
If possible create a new topic and ask your doubt over there. Certainly we will help you.

The same can be achieved without any script url, extensions…

EXCEL_TO_APP_7_ROW(1).aia (90.7
please set the same data from excel to three different labels

You mean like this??

@Still-learning YES

please send me that aia file

You can add those block only into the aia. That three label. I did nothing special

ok i got , what i needed thanks for your help and time given for my question .from which state are you from .please send me your mail id or watsapp number
it will be easy to contact you

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