Post data to google sheet not working

Post data to google sheet not working. But, data posted perfectly when i manually tested the generated URL (After button Click) in browser. I still don’t understand why is not working in app.

Url- SciprtUrl + SheetID + &SH=Sheet1&FN=addRow&DATA=


did you enable this option your project settings?


If you are using GET you will need a question mark and key before SheetID:

ScriptUrl + ?ID= + SheetID + &SH= + Sheet1 + &FN= + addRow + &DATA=

Yes its already enable.

Yes i use ? mark before id.

What do you see in your Web_Cash_Exp.GotText responseContent?

Aia File
Finance.aia (5.1 KB)

It seems you have not deployed the script properly … may be it too…

Did you set a access to even anonymous?

Did you set access like this

Make changes like said above and deploy with new version (It is must) and test again with new script url

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Yah you right, i choose “anonymous”. Now Working. Thanks for your guidance.

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