Hi somewone can fix ais pls

hi everyone i make a ais it allows using spreadsheets. but it didnt work
GSR_Gsheet_Screen6.ais (11.4 KB)

Post Screenshotsof your blocks to get fast response
as looking and checking ais will consume more time

  1. Sheet name is wrong


  1. Permission is missing it seems

May be you maynot deploy it properly as suggested in the guide by Timai2

https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbx-25CFPtev6mGt0iXoWbTwGhCMDZluMfRxlwVgUGYjXt3lPgfz/exec?ID=1cerce7mOznwjYIqv527ZFFQF98hwbHX0xj2IXWrl6o0&SH=Sayfa1&FN=addRow&DATA=["name","[email protected]","field3","field4"]

Once deploy, check the link

ReadRow :+1: working but write row showing permision error

thank you so much but now i use firebase:))